• Setup/Instruction
  • Repair/Maintenance
  • Installations

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you are interested in a service not listed below as custom solutions are always available. Unlike other companies, we come to your location.

Fees listed are only for installation, repair or instructional services. Computer systems, other hardware and supplies must be provided by the customer or purchased separately. Contact us for hardware pricing.

Upgrades/Repairs - Minimum Charge $25, $75 per hour, $30 Trip fee may apply.

  • Expansion Cards, Devices
  • Memory
  • Modems
  • Network Interface Cards, Network Cabling and/or hardware
  • Mother boards, Processors
  • Power Supplys
  • Storage/Multimedia Devices
  • PC or Macintosh

Internet Starter - 1 hour $70, $30 Trip fee may apply
  • Install new computer or check setup of existing system
  • Verify your internet connection
  • Connect your printer or check connection of existing printer
  • Basic internet instruction (Checking/sending E-mail, website access, bookmarks)
  • PC or Macintosh

New Computer Installation and Instruction - 2 hours $130, $30 Trip Fee may apply.
  • Computer setup
  • Verify your internet connection
  • Connect Printer
  • Basic Computer Instruction
    • Turning the computer on and off
    • Use of a mouse
    • Launching and closing programs
    • Printing
    • Folder functions (File Oraganization) and Icons
    • Saving files to the hard drive
    • Saving files to a floppy or other external storage device
    • Using the fax modem

Home/Business Networking - $30 consulting fee applied to final quotation
  • Provide an evalution of your networking needs and a quotation for parts and labor

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